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In celebration of spring, and the not too far off return of summer, I’ve released a brand new art print through my shop

I’m pretty excited about this one, it’s a bit of a departure from my usually dark and mysterious paintings, and I think it’s a perfect fit for the changing of seasons. 

"Mermaid Weather" is a 12" x 36" limited edition giclee, printed on archival paper. Prints will be available in the recent timed-edition fashion for $40, and will come hand signed and numbered.

"Mermaid Weather" will only be available from April 8th at 5PM until April 18th at 11PM. The edition will then close and prints will not be available again.



When Boreas blows cruel and hard,
He shivers through the leafless yard;
When Helios rises at yellowed dawn,
he wakes with a colossal yawn.

Boreas & Helios avoiding an age of reason. 
causing the light to never go out of season. 

- inspired by Robert Burns’ “A Winter Night”

I’ve stumbled upon something new for my work, that I am extremely pleased with. I’ve been getting back into traditional painting and trying to figure out a way to bridge digital and traditional mediums. This is my first attempt at that, and I have to say it looks fantastic. 

"Boreas & Helios" is a rare limited edition mixed media painting. It is first printed as a work in progress high quality giclee print and then mounted onto a 9” x 12” deep cradled wood panel. Each print is then hand painted with gouache for several hours and embellished with finishing touches. The panel itself is then painted black on the front and back and sealed with a protective finish. The poem “Boreas & Helios” is adhered to the back of the panel. 

Boreas & Helios is created in a one time limited edition of 10 and will be available on Friday, February 28th at 12 Noon PST via

Three round stickers (James R. Eads) Prisma Visions Postcards (James R. Eads) Prisma Visions Postcards (James R. Eads) Prisma Visions Postcards (James R. Eads) Prisma Visions Postcards (James R. Eads) Hemp Artist Notepads (James R. Eads)


I’ve added something new to my shop - “The Bundle" is a collection of small original artist items grouped together at a bargain price. The first installment of "The Bundle" Includes:

- 3 Round 2.5” stickers (pictured above)

- A pack of 24 Prisma Visions Postcards (pictured above)

- A set of 2 high quality pure hemp artist notepads (also above)

The Bundle is available for $40 at for a limited time, there are only 20 available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


"Finding Alazkazoo" is a 20” x 30” high quality giclee print on archival paper with a 1” white border. Printed in a limited edition of 40, each print is hand signed and numbered and is available here


When I was three my father gave to me, 
a magical gift you’d just have to see 
it was a bird dressed in the brightest blue,
and he told me the bird was from Alakazoo.

This bird was a singing thing
and a dancing thing
a talking, walking squawking thing
not at all a boring thing
but a fun and joking thing
a jack of all trades kind of thing. 

But his bright blue complexion began to lessen each day
it muted and paled and turned a sadly old grey. 

He grew weary and tired and wouldn’t come out to play. 
My best friend just slept in his favorite place to lay.

My father told me there was only one thing to do, 
we’d have to bring my bird back to Alakazoo. 

So off we went in search of a magical place, 
to return a friend i could not replace.

We travelled to the edge of it all
until we arrived at a pale white sprawl. 

And then there it was doused in green and blue, 
the long forgotten and secret land of Alakazoo. 

This place was real, a way into dreams
and lively were it’s glistening streams. 

My bird felt right back at home,
his blue hue returned yet I felt so alone. 

Even though we had to leave him behind,
the bird I loved will always stay in my mind 

When I grow old, i’ll go find my way back to Alakazoo, 
and again be with my friend in fantastically marvelous blue.

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